China Custom CZPT High Quality Chrome Steel Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK3012 bearing example

Product Description

ZYS High Quality Chrome Steel Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK3012

The needle bearing is roller bearing with a cylindrical roller, which is both thin and long with respect to its diameter. In spite of the smaller crosssection, the bearing still has a high load bearing capacity. The needle bearing is equipped with thin and long rollers (roller diameter D ≤ 5mm, L/D ≥ 2.5, L means the length of the roller), therefore its radial structure is compact. When the inner diameter size and load capacity are the same as those of other types, the outer diameter is the smallest, which is particularly suitable for a support structure in which the radial installation size is limited.

Structure type
This type of bearing has a radial needle and thrust full of ball, or with a thrust ball, or with a thrust cylindrical roller, or with the angular contact ball into one, can withstand unidirectional or two way axial load. Can also be 
designed according to the user’s specific structural requirements.

Technical parameter of CZPT Drawn cup needle roller bearing:

Diameter(mm) Bearing Type Boundary Dimensions(mm) Basic Load Rating(N) Limiting Speed Weight(g)
Current Type Original Type d D B Dynamic Static Oil
4 HK0408   HK040808   37941/4  7947/4 4 8 8 1540 1070 40000 1.6
5 HK0509   HK05 0571    47941/5 5 9 9 2200 1790 36000 2
6 HK0608              37941/6 6 10 8 1830 1550 32000 2.1
HK0609   HK061009   47941/6 6 10 9 2650 2400 30000 2.2
7 HK0709   HK57109   47941/7 7 11 9 2800 2150 27000 2.3
8 HK0808              37941/8 8 12 8 2550 2400 21000 2.7
HK571   HK57110   57941/8  8 12 10 3700 3450 21000 3
HK571              27942/8 8 14 10 3800 3950 25000 5.35
HK571              37942/8 8 14 12        
9 HK 0571              47941/9 9 13 9        
HK571   HK57110   57941/9 9 13 10 4050 4250 25000 4
HK571              67941/9 9 13 12 5000 6000 25000 4.6
HK571              27942/9 9 15 10        
HK571              37942/9 9 15 12        
10 HK1571   HK101410   57941/10 10 14 10 3900 4800 19000 4.1
HK1012              67941/10 10 14 12 5000 6300 19000 4.8
HK1014              77941/10 10 14 14        
HK1571                  27942/10  7941/10 10 16 10        
12 HK1209              47941/12 12 16 9        
HK1210   HK121610   57941/12 12 16 10 4150 5800 19000 4.6
HK1212              67941/12 12 16 12 3800 5100 15000 5.6
HK1212              37942/12 12 18 12 5500 6300 17000 9.1
14 HK1412   HK142012   37941/14 14 20 12 6800 7500 16000 10.5
HK1414              47941/14 14 20 14        
HK1416   HK142016   57941/14 14 20 16 7300 9000 14000 13.9
15 HK1512              37941/15 15 21 12 7000 8400 14000 11.1
HK1514              47941/15 15 21 14 8500 10400 13000 12.7
HK1516              57941/15  7942/15 15 21 16 9800 11400 14000 15
16 HK1612   HK162212   37941/16    16 22 12 7100 9200 14000 11.7
HK1614              47941/16 16 22 14 8800 9900 12000 14.4
HK1616   HK162216   57941/16 16 22 16 15710 14300 14000 15.8
17 HK1714  47941/17  7941/17 17 23 14 6800 15710 10000 14
HK1716  57941/17  7942/17 17 23 16 8500 12500 10000 15.9
HK1718    67941/17 17 23 18 9500 10600 10000 19
18 HK1812  HK182412   37941/18 18 24 12 7100 9900 12000 13.1
HK1816   HK182416   57941/18 18 24 16 10600 15300 12000 17.5

Materials of Drawn cup needle roller bearing
Needle roller material for the GCr15 bearing steel, hardened HRC60-65.
Inside and outside the ring material for the GCr15 bearing steel, hardened HRC61-65.
The cage material is made of high quality mild steel or reinforced nylon.

Application of Drawn cup needle roller bearing
It is widely used in machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and printing machinery and other machinery and equipment, and mechanical design can be more compact and smart.


ZYS Quality assurance 

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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: CZPT is bearing manufacturer, the only first-class comprehensive research institute in China bearing industry.

Q: How do you control quality of bearing?
A: CZPT has established quality control systems for each kind of bearing and spindle. All products and services passed ISO9001-2008 Quality Certificate.

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: It depends on the bearing type. You can send inquiry or send e-mail  for more information.

Q: How about the package?
A: Industrial packing in general condition (Plastic tube+ carton+ pallet). Accept design package when OEM.

Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: It will take about 10 to 40 days, depends on the model and quantity.

Q: How about the shipping?
A: We can arrange the shipment or you may have the forwarder.

Q: Is sample avaiable?
A: Yes, sample order is acceptable.

Q: Can we use our own LOGO or design on bearings?
A: Yes. OEM is acceptable. We can design the bearing with your requirements and use your own LOGO and package design.

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Cage: With Cage
Rows Number: Multiple
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Material: Bearing Steel
Type: Closed
Breadth: 30mm


Customized Request

cup bearing

Maintenance and Lubrication Requirements for Cup Bearings

Cup bearings, like other types of bearings, require proper maintenance and lubrication to ensure their longevity and reliable performance. Here are the key considerations:

1. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect cup bearings for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. This visual inspection can help identify issues early.

2. Lubrication: Most cup bearings require lubrication to reduce friction and dissipate heat. The type of lubrication and frequency of re-lubrication depend on the bearing’s design and application. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific guidelines.

3. Contamination Control: Preventing contaminants like dirt, dust, and moisture from entering the bearing is crucial. Seals and shields help protect cup bearings from contaminants and should be regularly inspected for damage.

4. Re-greasing: In applications that require lubrication, re-greasing should be performed at regular intervals to maintain the proper lubrication film. Over-greasing can lead to overheating, while under-greasing can cause premature wear.

5. Correct Installation: Proper installation is essential to ensure cup bearings operate as intended. Follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, including torque specifications for locking nuts.

6. Temperature Management: Be aware of operating temperature limits. High temperatures can degrade lubricants, while low temperatures can affect bearing performance. Choose the appropriate lubricant for the expected temperature range.

7. Relubrication Holes: Some cup bearings have relubrication holes or grooves for easy maintenance. Make use of these features if available.

8. Handling and Storage: Store cup bearings in a clean, dry environment. Handle them with care to avoid damage to the bearing surfaces or seals.

Proper maintenance and lubrication practices are essential to maximize the service life and performance of cup bearings in various industrial and mechanical applications.

cup bearing

Usage of Cup Bearings in Heavy-Duty and Industrial Machinery

Yes, cup bearings are commonly employed in heavy-duty and industrial machinery applications due to their durability and load-carrying capabilities. These applications include:

1. Construction Equipment: Cup bearings are used in heavy construction machinery such as excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and concrete mixers to support radial and axial loads in harsh working environments.

2. Mining Equipment: Mining machinery, like crushers, conveyors, and drilling rigs, rely on cup bearings to handle the extreme loads and abrasive conditions found in mining operations.

3. Agricultural Machinery: Farming equipment, including tractors and combines, uses cup bearings for various components, providing reliable operation in dusty and challenging farming conditions.

4. Material Handling: Industrial material handling equipment, like forklifts, conveyors, and packaging machinery, depends on cup bearings for smooth movement and load support.

5. Heavy Manufacturing: In manufacturing settings, cup bearings are integrated into machinery such as presses, stamping equipment, and injection molding machines to facilitate precision movement and support heavy loads.

6. Automotive Manufacturing: Cup bearings play a crucial role in automotive manufacturing processes, ensuring the functionality of robotic arms, conveyors, and assembly line equipment.

7. Marine and Offshore: Machinery used in marine and offshore applications, including winches, cranes, and propulsion systems, rely on cup bearings to withstand saltwater exposure and heavy loads.

8. Power Generation: In power plants, cup bearings are used in generators, turbines, and other machinery to support rotational elements, demonstrating their ability to handle high temperatures and forces.

These examples illustrate the versatility and resilience of cup bearings, making them a valuable choice for various heavy-duty and industrial machinery applications.

cup bearing

Types of Cup Bearings for Various Applications

Cup bearings, also known as tapered roller bearings, come in several types to suit different applications. These variations are designed to accommodate specific load capacities, axial and radial forces, and operational conditions. Here are some common types:

1. Single-Row Tapered Roller Bearings: These cup bearings consist of a single row of tapered rollers between the inner and outer rings. They are suitable for applications with moderate radial and axial loads, such as in wheel hubs, transmissions, and differentials in automobiles.

2. Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearings: Double-row cup bearings have two rows of tapered rollers and can handle higher radial and axial loads compared to single-row bearings. They are often used in heavy machinery and gearboxes that require increased load-carrying capacity.

3. Four-Row Tapered Roller Bearings: Four-row cup bearings are designed for extremely heavy radial and axial loads. They are common in rolling mills, where they support the massive rolls used for metal shaping and processing. These bearings can withstand high forces and offer exceptional load-carrying capabilities.

4. Precision Tapered Roller Bearings: Precision cup bearings are manufactured to very tight tolerances, ensuring high accuracy and smooth operation. They are used in applications where precision, such as in machine tool spindles and aerospace components, is critical.

5. Matched Tapered Roller Bearings: Matched cup bearings consist of two tapered roller bearings with pre-set clearances and axial play. They are often used in pairs to support axial thrust in both directions. This type is common in machine tool spindles and automotive wheel bearings.

6. Custom Tapered Roller Bearings: Manufacturers can produce custom cup bearings to meet specific application requirements. These can include variations in size, load capacity, and other design parameters tailored to a particular application.

The choice of cup bearing type depends on the specific demands of the application, load requirements, and operating conditions. Proper selection ensures optimal performance and longevity in various industries, from automotive to industrial machinery.

China Custom CZPT High Quality Chrome Steel Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK3012   bearing exampleChina Custom CZPT High Quality Chrome Steel Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings HK3012   bearing example
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